Storms May Rage

She’s abandoned, wild, uncertain
Tearing up the winding stairs;
Through the backroom’s secret curtain
Up past all the lifted prayers

Dark the angry night is screaming
All she had is lost and gone:
Lightning flashing, rain is streaming
One last task that she’s bent on

But the tower’s not deserted
One old woman there’s withdrawn:
Calmly looks up, as alerted
Says, “I know what’s going on.

I know what has happened, dearest –
And this way is not the way:
There’s a future still ahead, much
Better than your yesterday.”

That was forty years ago and
Now she waits within the tower:
For the young girl broken-hearted
Who she’ll give a bit of power

Just to know that life’s not ending
Just to show what’s yet-to-be:
Storms may rage, with doom impending
But there’s hope
Past what
We see

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