First Love’s Memory

We wandered down a hill to find
A secret place I knew;
There was a picnic waiting
And a beautiful lake view

Picnic 1

She was surprised to see it all —
Delighted, nonetheless;
And I – well, I adored her
I must honestly confess

Picnic 2

And she sat on my lap
As we enjoyed the glittering lake;
With fruit to eat and wine to drink
Our daytime thirsts to slake

Picnic 3

And in my arms, down to
The waterside we did transfer;
If ever any boy loved girl
Then truth knows I loved her

Picnic 4

Into the water soon we went
The two of us got wet:
And how it felt to kiss her
Is a thing I won’t forget

Picnic 5

And passion flowed like water
On an endless smiling sea;
And soon engulfed the two of us
My true young love and me

Picnic 6

I recall as we dried that she
Had flowers in her hair;
And though the day was long ago
It’s like I still was there

For that first love, that comes but once
Can fade like summer flowers:
But this one memory we share
It is

Picnic 7

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