The Echoes of a Single Day

Once, you were trapped; But this did not endure. Through windswept hours, Time could not inure You to the hopelessness That seemed to be: For you were someone else, A mystery, And that one day Was an Eternity — The beach felt lonesome, Waiting for a chance, And sadness whirled around you, Like a dance; … Continue reading "The Echoes of a Single Day"

7 Essences – 5

One of the strange insistences of some women is that they will tell you whether or not you love them. I thought I did; she said I didn’t, but we were still dating, which was confusing. We took a long trip together late in the winter so she could take pictures, and had a great … Continue reading "7 Essences – 5"

7 Essences – 4

Came the winter, shakily, Visiting her parents Didn’t think too much of me, Or my wan appearance She was gold, and apple tea, I was blue and soda, She was preludes in the dark I a turgid coda Looking up at lookers down, They so far above me They knew what I didn’t know, That … Continue reading "7 Essences – 4"

7 Essences – 3

Another party, this time At her cousin’s: In her environment, She really shines About three dozen names I won’t remember Five seconds after Leaving those confines. But she was happy, Glowing like a rocket, We ate and drank and danced And then we fled Into a place We hadn’t gone before then, But that I’d … Continue reading "7 Essences – 3"

7 Essences – 2

The evening comes, And each must study long, A walk of holding hands And bearing hearts Into the campus library Divergent, One off to math, The other to the arts. What is it, why Is everything much better And so much worse When we are not alone? Why is it love can feel So like … Continue reading "7 Essences – 2"