7 Essences – 5

One of the strange insistences of some women is that they will tell you whether or not you love them.

I thought I did; she said I didn’t, but we were still dating, which was confusing.

We took a long trip together late in the winter so she could take pictures, and had a great time.

Six weeks later, we broke up, because she’d met someone else: someone she loved, and whose love in return she therefore recognized.

Time felt like a very artificial type of border; yet, the difference between “before” and “after” was absolute.

I remembered her being happy with me, but apparently, it was an illusory and second-rate sort of happiness.

I didn’t take the break up all that well, looking back on it; even though she had never misled me, or been in any way dishonest.

Losing – in every sense of that word – just hurts.

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