The Echoes of a Single Day

Once, you were trapped;
But this did not endure.
Through windswept hours,
Time could not inure
You to the hopelessness
That seemed to be:
For you were someone else,
A mystery,
And that one day
Was an
Eternity —

The beach felt lonesome,
Waiting for a chance,
And sadness whirled around you,
Like a dance;
A day to find, and sore
Your vigil keep,
In waking hours
Little more than sleep —
The waves would crest and fall,
The ocean
Steep —

I watched you, I could
Feel your wand’ring heart;
Some hours there together,
Lives apart,
I kissed you on the cheek
Beside your car
To let you know
I don’t know who you are,
But you’ve a destination
Somewhere far,

And that I wished you well
As there you’d go;
For you’d a life to live

Not mine

To know

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10 Thoughts to “The Echoes of a Single Day

  1. And again you write as if from my life . You’ve lived and felt so much and express it in poetry and essay so well. Guess I’ll have to compile my own book of your poetry, selecting my favorite pieces tho’ I’d love to know your picks too.

  2. My last words for you are filled with peace
    You touched my life for a season
    And I’m grateful about us meeting
    On the World Wide Web of dreams
    I’ll always love the slice of pizza that
    we got to share.

  3. reminded me of these lines , from a source I knew once:

    The summer’s night that turns the tide
    Yields this to those whom lives divide
    Love has a right that none can bind
    Tomorrow thieves your hand from mine

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