What Meant The World

What Meant The World
 What meant the world to me, means naught to children;
 What moved me, beyond hope, leaves them but cold:
 Those things I held to heart, now dust and shadows;
 For time has passed, and I have gotten old.
 My eyes, once keen, were filled with ardent wonder
 For things indifferent to the young, because
 What meant the world, is fading with the starlight,
 For that is how


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4 Thoughts to “What Meant The World

  1. A very poignant poem about, I think, the transitory nature of those things we value on earth and the differences between old and young. I hope when I am old, I look back on my life and think I have valued the right things while I am young. But one thing I have valued above almost everything is overcoming all my mental health problems and addictions through work on myself. I actually think this has been the most important thing I have achieved in my life and I doubt I will ever regret it, especially as I am now happier and more peaceful than I have ever been in my life. http://bit.ly/1ER5cLY

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