Real, Love

(While at the hospital almost seven years ago for the birth of our new grandson, I spoke to a father whose daughter was undergoing chemotherapy. These were his words.)

So I cannot cease,
Nor can rest,
Knowing you’re in pain –

I would do and I
Would undo
So many things now

My child: if I could
Somehow trade
Places with you here —

My heart lies open:
Why can’t I
Save you like I should?


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13 Thoughts to “Real, Love

  1. Congratulations! How sweet to have a new grandson!
    Thanks for sharing this heart wreaking poem… So sad indeed. A beautiful tribute to a father’s love.
    Take care, best wishes.
    I think I forgot to mention earlier, I love everything that you write 🙂

  2. Some clouds bear no silver lining, unless it is provoked prayer. Some life events teach no lesson, unless it is how to declutter love. But the heartiest congratulations on your new grandson! Will you be called “Grandpa”? Or will you just wait and see what he chooses?

      1. LOL, I like it. I wish I’d insisted upon “Grand-mamahhh,” as it has consistently been “Gree-ann-mawww” and it makes me feel heftily aproned with potato dirt under my nails.

  3. I lost my grandfather (paternal) to cancer. My dad had to work to pay the bills. So in a way I lost my dad for a bit too. Him being too exhausted at the end of the day to really bond. But I understood.

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