Real, Love

(While at the hospital two years ago for the birth of our new grandson, I spoke to a father whose daughter was undergoing chemotherapy. These were his words.)

So I cannot cease,
Nor can rest,
Knowing you’re in pain –

I would do and I
Would undo
So many things now

My child: if I could
Somehow trade
Places with you here —

My heart lies open:
Why can’t I
Save you like I should?


A Round Four Dozen

I try to post a round four dozen poems
Each weekend; some are old, and some are new —
But right now, I am feeling kind of puny –
I’m just not really sure how much I’ll do

I feel like such a failure giving up now,
My vaunted weekend writing spree a flop —
But coughing is a pastime most engrossing;
I start, and then it’s kind of hard
To stop