About That Dream You Had Concerning Me

You dreamed of seeing me up there,
Alas, I never made it;
I moved beyond, to other things,
And your hopes slowly faded

Oh yes, you had so many plans
For this fly in the ointment:
I was a minor talent, but

A major disappointment

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11 Thoughts to “About That Dream You Had Concerning Me

  1. In such few words you perfectly described exactly how I’ve felt my entire life. I feel as though I’ve been trying to achieve someone else’s dreams for me, and I’ve only recently realized it. Thank you for summing this up so beautifully.

    1. Such is the power of dreams that even other people’s dreams “on our behalf” can sound enticing — until placed next to our own.

      I hope you’re finding yours.

  2. If it’s autobiographical, I hope you (and they) got over it and enjoyed doing all the other things you did instead. πŸ™‚

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