About That Dream You Had Concerning Me

You dreamed of seeing me up there,
Alas, I never made it;
I moved beyond, to other things,
And your hopes slowly faded

Oh yes, you had so many plans
For this fly in the ointment:
I was a minor talent, but
A major disappointment

Someplace Fabulous

I took you someplace fabulous
So you would fall in love with me;
I gave you flowers, wine, and words –
The ocean and the fantasy —

I spent more money than I had;
My every resource — trying —
But love is not the sort of thing
That’s really there
For buying

The Secret of My Failure


I kept aside
I hid my shame
The whole world (but not me)
To blame

I sang my songs
To nobody
And spent days (but not nights)

I turned around
And, seeing me
I knew then (sort of knew)

In molten life
I was but dross
And would be (patently)
A loss