Little Understood

When I was just a kid, this was
The height of elegance;
My parents took their three kids here
And dined

And now I’m back in this old place
By dint of random chance:
It’s faded, slightly, but it’s still

I little understood, back then,
Just what it must have meant;
My parents did not throw money

We take what we are given
As a grant when we are young;
Just part of life, like food or air
Or ground

And parents never know, when they
Set out to give a gift,
Which of the many treasures they’ve

Will mean the most to kids, who tend
To take it all in stride;
But now, I finally understand
At last

A Covered Bridge

Now may I be a covered bridge to you
To lift you o’er the turbulence below;
With walls to help you some in blowing winds,
A roof to shield your head from bitter snow.

May I provide safe passage on your way
A respite from the frigid arctic blast:
A covered bridge along your winter’s way,
That you must leave
To journey on

At last

Love’s Last Labor

He worked until the day he passed.
A man his children barely knew;
His son and daughter came back home
To do whatever they could do

And out there where he’d left it last:
The old truck that he’d always had –
They sat and watched the sun go down
And traded stories of their dad

What do you say about someone
For whom to speak was rare?
Who never showed his tenderness
Or gave a sign he cared?

But in the glove compartment, there –
Three pics of long duration:
Of their two parents’ wedding day
And their, each, graduation

He’d carried with him all these years
Since they had moved away:
They realized he was proud of them
He just could never say

The sun goes down in silence as
The darkening night forbids —
But love’s last labor knows the truth:
Their father
His kids

About That Dream You Had Concerning Me

You dreamed of seeing me up there,
Alas, I never made it;
I moved beyond, to other things,
And your hopes slowly faded

Oh yes, you had so many plans
For this fly in the ointment:
I was a minor talent, but
A major disappointment


What she’s lost
Only her sister would know

No mother there to see her success
Nor to see the woman that she
Has become

No father to call now
When she has car troubles
Nor to walk her down the aisle

No parents to be there
When her first child is born
And ‘family’ at Christmas
Will always be incomplete

Another day on the calendar
To you and me
A time of unspeakable sadness
To her
And to her sister

The orphaned
All around us
We should love them
If we possibly can

That much extra