About That Dream You Had Concerning Me

You dreamed of seeing me up there, Alas, I never made it; I moved beyond, to other things, And your hopes slowly faded Oh yes, you had so many plans For this fly in the ointment: I was a minor talent, but A major disappointment

A Common Mistake

We want to see our flowers grow, But somehow, don’t suspect We won’t get buds of love, When we have watered with Neglect

A Covered Bridge

Now may I be a covered bridge to you To lift you o’er the turbulence below; With walls to help you some in blowing winds, A roof to shield your head from bitter snow. May I provide safe passage on your way A respite from the frigid arctic blast: A covered bridge along your winter’s way, That … Continue reading "A Covered Bridge"

Love’s Last Labor

He worked until the day he passed. A man his children barely knew; His son and daughter came back home To do whatever they could do And out there where he’d left it last: The old truck that he’d always had – They sat and watched the sun go down And traded stories of their … Continue reading "Love’s Last Labor"

Ever Now

now watch a mother push her daughter laughing, on a swing; now ever see the joy that is or can be, everything not on the phone off somewhere else, but focused on – and of – now love the moments that you have, while they are there to love


What she's lost, only her sister would know.