I see small kids at play across the street; A young boy riding in my grocery cart. I see teens practicing, a marching band; I see not with my eyes, but with my heart – I hear a cello from my living room; I hear small voices making idle boasts. I hear, as parents do, who’ve … Continue reading "Ghosts"

Piano Dreams

I have played the piano Since I was just a boy; To sit and plyay for hours Has long been my great joy. The songs I most remember Are somewhat recondite; But once passed through my fingers, I dream of them at night. Yes, I dream in piano – The visions sweet and pure – … Continue reading "Piano Dreams"

Internal Transcript

I don’t approve of parents “disowning” their children But I understand what motivates it No one can reject you as completely As your own child All the while, Wearing the mantle of martyr In doing it They disavow everything you stand for They ridicule and mock everyone like you Then say they seek your approval … Continue reading "Internal Transcript"