Ice Cream

Some truths I learned when I was young. Here’s one I will confess: You cannot have the greatest joy Without the biggest Mess

Kristy’s Pleasure

Kristy’s Pleasure Is to dance Any Time she Has the chance Not a Contest Dancer, mind But the Full out Joyous kind

Joy is Presence…

Joy is presence, grief is absence — That small much is clear — What was good is never lost, or It was never here. In our being there’s agreeing If we’ll just but feel it — What is good needs take no counsel (Nor need you appeal it) For there is a sudden season: Life … Continue reading "Joy is Presence…"

That Love

The sea seems infinite; at least As large as any thought, or sky, And I’m so happy you are here, Although I cannot fathom why — I can be glad, though. And I am. For every chapter in this book Of disappointment, choices poor, Was controverted. All it took Was just a glance, a touch, … Continue reading "That Love"

So much.

So much can happen in a year, A month, a week, a day; How sorrow can envelop us Past what mere words could say — And yet, there is in memory, One joy that’s understood: And that’s that we’ve known many things, And some of them Were good


Mari stands the summer still: A vision on a breezy day Of energy and joy and will Out on the docks, beside the bay, And my friends ask me daily how It came to be I love her so: Because I know her. That is all I need for love Or need To know

barefoot moss

at twelve years old, the yearning’s strong for freedom’s close equivalent like carefree mornings, barefoot moss, and rushes unambivalent on bicycles with arms held wide, and lakeside morns exploring the slipping feel of barefoot moss, a young heart’s full outpouring

Wednesday Hope

How do you breathe a magic sky And touch the lights of Halcyon? For what is Love to you but paint That smears and drips across the Dawn? Come whisper now of Wednesday hope, Of glistening and glimmering, Come feel the cotton, silk, and rest While fireflies are shimmering How do you hold the infinite, … Continue reading "Wednesday Hope"