A Country Autumn – 7

the rolling hills, the curvature of life. that he loves best of all, before the autumn shows itself in full, and every leaf makes travel plans. what is this innocence, expansive as the feeling in his heart: the joy that seems connected to this place and season and this day, that sends regrets to find … Continue reading "A Country Autumn – 7"

Never / Tuscany

Never have I been Tuscany, except for books and movies. Still, I have an image of it, bright within my mind — Beautiful, with long and shapely trees, out in the fields and vineyards, Distants hills and waiting meals of succulence and wine — Never have I been to Italy, at all, to any region, … Continue reading "Never / Tuscany"

Driving Through Villages

They drove through villages for hours, and he Was just a boy, but still he watched, enthralled. What seemed like sameness wasn’t so to him, Like models come to life, this row of toys. The roofs, the windows, factories, and spires, The bits of grass and trees, the shops and cars, The animals, the kids … Continue reading "Driving Through Villages"

3 Angles – 1

The winds blow wide and soft, and take My spirit for a ride; A moment here, beside this lake, To be unoccupied With anything but being still. The fading Pleiades Enjoin the sun to bear me snug Upon the morning breeze. And though the crickets sing a song I cannot understand, I know, somehow, that … Continue reading "3 Angles – 1"

Everyday Joys: My Wife

She makes me laugh (I love to laugh) She makes me think (I need to think) She makes happy (most the time) Although, I can’t predict her — It’s love (and love’s most everything) And joy (and that is hard to find) Though she says ’twas the OTHER way, I’m very glad I picked her


count to three, push off together: no worries, no stresses, just a straight blue elation you still had in you we may lose much we ever had, but reclaim in a rush what we never really lost, just quit accessing together, bodies and spirits, unleashing, letting go: unity, simplicity, in wind and water

Elation, Once

Sometimes, it’s hidden in our minds, Or buried in our hearts; A thing we think we might have lost, Or left in other parts — But here is love, and joy of life Sprung out of what has been — For you knew this elation, once, And can feel it Again