The Song Keeps Going

I've seen the sun come up on dreams, I've seen the night come down in eyes, I've loved, and been discarded both, So it should come as no surprise That the song keeps going after us. There's a time I'll stop when my day is done: But although the chorus be vast and loud You … Continue reading "The Song Keeps Going"

arbored thoughts

to be more, see more; to see beyond, reach beyond — as even the trees know, growing is always about all the directions

an old romance

the love the same the passions pure with lovers true but yet unsure it’s hard from here to know them there: but if they weren’t, we’d all be air

4 Substitutes – 4

Far from the tumult and the pain He can be himself again There in the quiet and the glow Of the world of long ago Far from the anger and the hate Maybe you can well relate There is a time when worries cease There on the path of truth And peace

4 Substitutes – 3

This road and I are much the same: It goes nowhere, but faithfully. It isn't made from finest stuff But gets the job done well enough. And so this is my claim to fame: To place these words here carefully, And say as little as I can, But hope to get the job done in … Continue reading "4 Substitutes – 3"

4 Substitutes – 2

The hardest day she ever spent Was not a rotten day at all; It isn't ease that brings us joy, Or frees us from our heartache's thrall It is in living that life is. It sounds so simple, but it's not: And she knows now, how hard's the way To take life in, when giving's … Continue reading "4 Substitutes – 2"

4 Substitutes – 1

The body tells us everything But we're not great at listening To what are limitations are -- On pathway, or in house, or bar -- And so, we everyday conclude That we should, still, ourselves delude And try again our lives to make In just an hour, what we take the other twenty-three to break

For Love of Dancing

For as long as she could, she danced: wherever, whenever. Every day. She didn’t dance because she was the best at it. She didn’t dance for the attention. She danced for love of dancing, for the pure joy of it. Long before I met, and fell in love with, and married her, she had this … Continue reading "For Love of Dancing"

To Bridge Across

To bridge across an empty space They made the wood and metal one; In years before the years before The living business still got done — The dying business, too. We know And yet we don’t, although it’s clear We’re only where we are for those Whose lives and deeds had disappeared A while before … Continue reading "To Bridge Across"