Healthy habits are easy... to think about.


you blend into the background, you might be a mirage — you wear the sunlight in your hair like others, camouflage. you’re unobtrusive to a fault, and what is even more, you might be right in front of me, but one just can’t be shore


Five falling foibles fell away As six successors sought That faraway and fevered fund That bland Belial bought. By fantasy and Pharisee The samurai were sent To feign a final fallacy Benificence had bent. But faring father figures know How seldom sadness sells, Nor fraud and falsehood, fast and far, Brought in with bonus bells. … Continue reading "Scherzo"

The Mathematics of Body Image Comparisons

In formula form, for your convenience. Remember, I am a professional mathematician, so don't try this at home or anywhere else. You may not even want to try it here, it's up to you.

My Doctor Says

My doctor says that I should x, But I am through with x’ing; For every x, there is a “y” — The whole thing’s rather vexing. So many known unknown unknowns; They vary in the passing — My doctor says, if I’d be whole I need to quit half-assing My mind and body are my … Continue reading "My Doctor Says"

stacks of rocks

stacks of rocks are very zen. i don't know why. that's it. the end.

Blurry Christmas

A bokeh is okay if Used for effect; But for blur to occur May mean eyesight is Wrecked

Thanksgiving, the Unknown Story

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the United States And where we share the traditional slices of pizza With passers-by in a spirit of goodwill Engendered by the grateful good spirits created by our political process And where celebrate our gratitude through Our wholesale appropriation of the food of other cultures, And music for that … Continue reading "Thanksgiving, the Unknown Story"