six kinds of emptiness – 6

censorship once battled, right here, now welcome. how lonely is the mind that questions those with all the answers

six kinds of emptiness – 4

eat your fill while you're still able, and drink deep when you can; for all these abandoned dreams take us with them, too

six kinds of emptiness – 3

we made it -- we made lots of its, long ago -- but we stopped when people decided that neighbors cost too much

six kinds of emptiness – 2

dangerous? you wouldn't know it unless you have walked here and have seen the relentless way it wears kids down

six kinds of emptiness – 1

words that sound with no one present to speak them still get heard by souls reaching to recall all that they have lost

the reviled

here among the reviled living close to where choices fall down like sunlight between trees too long on diets

capacity pact

we struck a capacity pact: leaving hate, lifting love, making space for what counted — kinder sorts of truth

with this frame…

lost again, and still wandering, wondering: with this frame would some great journey of fate have been undertaken?

hudson bay

the chill comes — really, never leaves – and we see it’s simple: you either make it or don’t, here on hudson bay