Oft, She Wondered

Oft, she wondered where it went to — Naive tender girlish fun — Days of sweetness filled her life then Now those days are over. Done. Soft, at night, she years the rumble Of the heater – or the past — Memories float in like bubbles But the feelings do not last — There’s a … Continue reading "Oft, She Wondered"

Morning Coffee

Sitting at our kitchen table, Eating cereal with sugar, Watching them go through the careful Ritual of making coffee   Always, bigger kids and grown-ups With their ceremonies daily; This one, with a smell like almonds, Orange light from pewter shining   Steam from off of cups while carried, One who stops for milk and … Continue reading "Morning Coffee"

In Joy

She brings young love up to the door, Her family on the other side; A heart as full as hearts can be, And eyes alight with pride — But families don’t always see: They can get locked up in the past, And miss the growing moment’s mien, “Another thing not meant to last –” But … Continue reading "In Joy"

How Soon They Forget

A boy and his mother, slowly walking Kids voices behind them, indistinct His head down, she reaches out to stroke his hair He says to her, as they reach the car, “I’m not good at sports.” Stopping beside the car, She looks at him, this little man (he’s become) And says, “Sure, you are.” “No, … Continue reading "How Soon They Forget"

in eight plus lines

o let that one day not go past that she should once more sorrowed be; o please, if i could take that weight, provide to her self-clemency — i would. the heart that knows no law believes: it reaches out in pain to touch in healing whom it loves, and tries to soothe in all … Continue reading "in eight plus lines"

{ humble. }

One. The mist and rain, a gray wet towel Upon the earth. The trees in layers, Steeples, traffic lights – and one, A straggling car, drives slowly down A hidden byway, fire hydrant lost, A wood fence rotting in the damp, Along a pitted driveway where A bent mailbox sits rusting. Pulling in. = = … Continue reading "{ humble. }"

Autumn Ride

Mother, daughter, side-by-side, Colors of an autumn ride, Soon to leave, the nascent bride, For so long, her mother’s pride.     How the colors change and fade,     How we the see the day arrayed,     One has gone, and one has stayed,     Moments, though, we’d never trade — Daughter, … Continue reading "Autumn Ride"