This place is home
because it’s “us”

Now we can be us,
because we’re home

© Irinamahova | Dreamstime.com – Home Photo

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11 Thoughts to “Home

  1. First…I LOVE the graphic! Second…Short and sweet as it is, that piece hits me in the heart. It reminds me of the one place I ever felt was ‘home’ to me. It was the first home exish and I ever bought. And we raised out boys there until they were teenagers. And it was exactly that…what you wrote. Best feeling ever.

      1. He started cheating before our first anniversary. Nobody told me then. Time went on, he never stopped. We had two boys, to whom he was a wonderful father, so I stayed. I never took it personal. It was a character flaw of his. It was only sex. A few times it went beyond that. That’s the gist. But, like with most things that crash and burn, it was much more than the one thing. Decades passed. Almost all of his family’s dead…mine is his. We’re basically family. I love him like a mother loves a child. He loves me so he doesn’t have to loosen his grip. Life…you know? I wish the cheating was the only thing, or even the worst. In the end, it was far from it. Sorry for rambling. It’s kind of hard to sum up.

      2. That’s tough. And I know what you mean about life. My ex talks to me regularly for news of our twenty year old son, who no longer speaks to her. I feel bad for her, I feel bad for him. He’s been battling mental illness and substance issues… You have children with someone and that always means something… Whatever that “something” is.

      3. So true. I’m sorry y’all are going through that with your son…that he’s going through it. Our youngest is an alcoholic, former heavy drug user. It kills you inside, but there’s so little you can do but pray. It’s good that you give her that grace, Owen. You’re a good man.

  2. I hope you don’t think less of me. It does sound fairly pathetic. I take responsibility for my part, but even Exish will tell you what happened to our marriage. He understands that he’s done serious damage. But, he can’t accept what it did to me or that I’d ever really react to it. I grew very bitter and, in his mind, that justified so much of what he did, cheating and otherwise. Anyway…that’s that.

  3. Don’t feel bad for me. I stand by my decision to stay when the kids were growing up. It was right for their sake. I did leave five years ago and had to come back due to issues with my youngest son, then legal issues. But it’s ok. It really is. One thing I do know for sure…after all these years…is that Life is bat **** crazy! It’s really not me! 😉

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