This is My Mom and Dad

This is my mom and dad
About ten years before my birth;
Where it was taken I do not know
I think somewhere on earth

But there’s a story in how they’re looking
Each at one another;
And somewhere within that look there came
A father and a mother

To three little children, a girl and two boys
As different as dawn, night and noon:
They, of course, did not know all this back then
But they would find out soon

They traveled the world with their children in tow
As each one came along;
From high mountain peaks and the valleys below
With sorrow and with song

Just one other family, I guess, to those
Whose god is “society”:
Obscure and unknown to a fame-obsessed world
But everything
To me

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12 Thoughts to “This is My Mom and Dad

  1. I have a picture of my parents that is similarly mysterious. It makes me wish that I could time travel, unobserved, just to see what they were like in that moment.

    1. That would be amazing, wouldn’t it. By the time we are aware of the questions we’d like to ask, there are rarely people still there who could answer them.

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