I drive here as I drove long years ago
When my old father chatted by my side;
He spoke of hist’ry, mining and the flow
Of his thoughts, ever brimming long and wide.

But now I ride alone in silent thought.
My father loved this land, and understood
That life is cruel, and time is precious bought —
And things that
Make you smile


(“Arizona” – 11-8-2014)

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8 Thoughts to “Arizona

  1. I also love Arizona (love her from A to Z !)
    Great picture. Are those Ocotillos or Palo Verdes?

      1. Wait – the plants? Or the name of the place…

        I was wondering about the spiky plant !

        (I lived in AZ for 4 years and loved it.
        Being depressed in AZ is like being happy in New England.

  2. I love this poem. Makes me feel grateful for my roots and for my amazing Dad who passed away just over a year ago. Thanks for sharing.

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