The Only Truth

I took the only truth I know
And let it go, out on the bay;
An autumn day, in years gone by —
I still cannot say why.

I took that truth, my only one,
And bade it run, or swim, or fly
To satisfy, or ratify
Some need I had for alibi —

But truth is fleeting in its grasp,
The heart we hold, the hand we clasp,
We watch just drift off in their time,
A listless-gestured pantomime —

I took the only the truth I had
Of son and dad, of dad and son,
My only one, and let it go:
But why, I do not really

Shadows and Stories

Those were stories that I told
Of shadows and of fantasy:
When I was was wise, and he was small
And still thought all the world of me

But time goes on, and things grow bright;
The truth is clear to eyes like his —
That shadows cast on parking lots
Are nothing —

Like his father is

I Sometimes Wonder

I sometimes wonder what my dad would say
If he could see the way my life has gone –
I still have questions I would like to ask,
But there is nothing now he can pass on

The last time that I spoke to him, he said,
“It’s time for me to go.” – and so he went —
But with each passing day, I realize,
How much I missed, from being arrogant

For now I find, among the stacks of years,
The things he taught way back when I began:
That brains and money, both, count but for naught,
While honor is the measure of the man

I sometimes wonder what he would have said
To all the many things I could have asked —
It’s funny: he was not much for advice
Except a couple times, when really tasked —

He’d say to look ahead at what’s to come,
And not to waste a day, or waste a night:
But always to remember, in all things:
Too late, it never is,
To do what’s right


I drive here as I drove long years ago
When my old father chatted by my side;
He spoke of hist’ry, mining and the flow
Of his thoughts, ever brimming long and wide.

But now I ride alone in silent thought.
My father loved this land, and understood
That life is cruel, and time is precious bought —
And things that
Make you smile

The List I’d Suggest, Son

Value someone who is smart
Strive to be that way, as well…

Value someone who is smart
Strive to be that way, as well;
Look for a good sense of humor
Life without laughter’s fair hell

You want someone independent
Each of you a person whole;
Someone strong, as life’s hard lessons
On the weak can take their toll

Finally, someone with passion
For their family – friends – desires;
And who wants someone who also
To these same five things aspires

I have not mentioned appearance
This might come as some surprise;
But the images around us
Rarely are much more than lies

If you find someone who’s smart and
Funny, independent, strong,
Full of passion, then be worthy:
Love there
Go wrong

Phantoms Whisper

My father worked a farm out here.

My father worked a farm out here
To save money for college;
He met my mom that very year,
Though never, to my knowledge

Did he return here after that.
He mentioned it, but spare:
And it took Apple Maps awhile
To find this stretch of somewhere

But here I am along the lane;
The air grows sharper, crisper —
And I stand silent, out time,
And hear the phantoms