I’ve Missed My Father…

I’ve missed my father every day
The long years since he passed away
A man who gave us all he had
Who lived his love and died our Dad

But time shifts colors, light to shade
Our photographs begin to fade
The mem’ries we would most hold tight
Fade imperceptibly

To night


(“I’ve Missed My Father…” – 4-5-2014)

22 thoughts on “I’ve Missed My Father…

      1. hahaha … My kids did asked what did I do to my own photo. I said Mommy want a moustache and they all shook their heads and I heard them saying … “I told you! Never stole her chicken. Momma will get weird for not eatin much.” LOL hahahaha … Kids!


  1. Memories of those (including my own dad) who passed are like flavors of ice cream to me. I choose to indulge in those I love best and pass on the ones that should have never been created (usually those are memories I was not as kind and attending as I should have been…). Great love to you.

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