The Introversive Way

The extrovert, whose daily life
Seems naught but dull routine
Will seek adventure when they can
Amidst a crowded scene

For people give them energy
That work just drains away:
And so they need excitement
When they get a holiday

But me, I am an introvert
And people make me tired;
It’s not that I don’t like them
It is just the way I’m wired

So when I get a holiday
From busy working life
I will go someplace peaceful
By myself, or with my wife

For yes — I do like travelling
But don’t like hue-and-cry:
I like to sit and watch the world
Just watch it
Going by


(Inspired by this prompt.)

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20 Thoughts to “The Introversive Way

  1. I love those times when I’d just sit next to my hubby too, in our back garden and watch the stars.

  2. As an INTJ I see that you use your introversion effectively. You write great poetry. I like making organizations work ๐Ÿ™‚

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