The Wishes of an Introvert

I sometimes wish, I truly wish,
That I was rather loud

And loved attention, company,
And being in a crowd

I wish that those who saw me were
Excited and impressed

Instead of seeing someone they
Can tolerate, at best


(“The Wishes of an Introvert” – 5-17-2014)

The Introversive Way

A brief primer on introverts, for you extroverts out there.

The extrovert, whose daily life
Seems naught but dull routine
Will seek adventure when they can
Amidst a crowded scene

For people give them energy
That work just drains away:
And so they need excitement
When they get a holiday

But me, I am an introvert
And people make me tired;
It’s not that I don’t like them
It is just the way I’m wired

So when I get a holiday
From busy working life
I will go someplace peaceful
By myself, or with my wife

For yes — I do like travelling
But don’t like hue-and-cry:
I like to sit and watch the world
Just watch it
Going by


(Inspired by this prompt.)

An Introvert’s Holiday

Introverts of the world unite, only, we’re not having a meeting. I hate meetings.

The holidays are coming soon
I say, make them your own —
While some are with their closest friends,
I’d rather be alone

The party’s going on outside
A good one – I can tell —
I’ll thank them all to let me by
And go to some hotel

Where I can read and write and sleep;
Perhaps, reenergize —
It’s nothing against anyone
It’s better spirit-wise

For me to have some space and time.
This, many folks would hate —
But some time to be by myself?
To me that sounds

And Now… The Larch

Alternatively titled “Conversational Monogamy” – Owen

One person at a time.
That is, for me,
The way to reach, connect:
For like a tree

My roots can drink
From just one at most ground;
More flora than I’m fauna
s’What I’ve found

[Alternatively titled “Conversational Monogamy” – Owen]

Don’t Disturb the Introvert


Please, don’t disturb the introvert.
We think it would be best,
If you would all back off, so we
Could give the thing a rest

For extroverts, their favorite game,
Is one called “piling on”;
Where they just keep on adding, till
The introvert
Is gone

Intro Verse

Extroverts – please at least look for signs of introversion on the part of your audience. – Owen

This man is talking —
To me and around me —
He’s voluble
And it would not astound me,
If he kept going
Just like this, for days:
When after twenty seconds
My eyes glaze.

The extroverts among us
Are intense:
They do not know my kind
When they commence.
I like a conversation
And to share:
But only when
Something like meaning’s there