The Wishes of an Introvert

I sometimes wish, I truly wish, That I was rather loud And loved attention, company, And being in a crowd I wish that those who saw me were Excited and impressed Instead of seeing someone they Can tolerate, at best   (“The Wishes of an Introvert” – 5-17-2014)


One introvert's request to the rest of the world.

Intro Verse

Extroverts - please at least look for signs of introversion on the part of your audience. - Owen

The Two Types

Life is dull, I need exciting Life is stressful, I need peace Your life doesn’t sound inviting… …Your life puts me ill at ease Let’s go out to where the crowds are Or let’s not and say we did I know about this hot new bar What if we stayed home and hid? You’re just … Continue reading "The Two Types"

Old Year Owen

Think of all the reasons People congregate on New Years Eve To be where the crowds are Where the action is To cut completely loose To drink to excess To dance with abandon To celebrate in full voice With all those people To be immersed in your fellow-humanity To be anonymous To rejoice in the … Continue reading "Old Year Owen"