The Wishes of an Introvert

I sometimes wish, I truly wish,
That I was rather loud

And loved attention, company,
And being in a crowd

I wish that those who saw me were
Excited and impressed

Instead of seeing someone they
Can tolerate, at best


(“The Wishes of an Introvert” – 5-17-2014)

24 thoughts on “The Wishes of an Introvert

  1. Hear this. Just an hour or two ago, I had to explain to my four-year-old son why I do not like parties. The idea was unfathomable to him.

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    1. I live in a mixed family – 3 introverts and 4 extroverts. I know that of which you speak.


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  3. I would talk with touch and body language or maybe write. i pretend to be extroverted and bubbly because that is what our society demands-i hate it. I would love a silent world of understanding and acceptance.
    Angel in the dust

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