I Sometimes Wonder

I sometimes wonder what my dad would say If he could see the way my life has gone – I still have questions I would like to ask, But there is nothing now he can pass on The last time that I spoke to him, he said, “It’s time for me to go.” – and … Continue reading "I Sometimes Wonder"


The wind blows, And the lone tree shivers – The waves come back: The sea of long ago — And you and I, like Divergence in two rivers, Seek out the waters to where Our fates must flow. For once, of a day, I would give my all To see you happy, and Fulfilled, But … Continue reading "Remorse"

What Are You Looking For?

I step out into what seems like a dark warehouse. There’s light shining on one spot in the center of the room, coming from something like a skylight. As I walk towards it, I hear my father’s voice: What exactly are you looking for? I don’t know, man…. It’s like… I don’t know what I’m … Continue reading "What Are You Looking For?"

How Did I Miss Seeing It?

Here I am again, then – very young And wandering the beaches of my youth; My father, with his Kodak, took this picture And I thought nothing of it then, in truth The wonder of a sea so vast and teeming; Of sand so white, with so much sky above — Does not today seem … Continue reading "How Did I Miss Seeing It?"

a memory of my father

a worker in brass, my father was. in felt, and silver, too: a sax is then a different thing for me as (prob’ly) you for hours and hours out in his shop — i still recall it clear — my father would work with bits of brass, and make music appear

The Only Truth

I took the only truth I know And let it go, out on the bay; An autumn day, in years gone by — I still cannot say why. I took that truth, my only one, And bade it run, or swim, or fly To satisfy, or ratify Some need I had for alibi — But … Continue reading "The Only Truth"

Shadows and Stories

Those were stories that I told Of shadows and of fantasy: When I was was wise, and he was small And still thought all the world of me But time goes on, and things grow bright; The truth is clear to eyes like his — That shadows cast on parking lots Are nothing — Like … Continue reading "Shadows and Stories"