The wind blows,
And the lone tree shivers –
The waves come back:
The sea of long ago —
And you and I, like
Divergence in two rivers,
Seek out the waters to where
Our fates must flow.

For once, of a day,
I would give my all
To see you happy, and
But there is an empty aching now,
For the present you live’s
Not the future that I willed.

Like a distant cloud,
On a hazy day,
You’ve become a stranger:
Life, windswept and wild —
On a continent
Of my own remorse
Lives a man I’m pretty sure
Once was
My child

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One thought to “Remorse”

  1. There is a time for prayer for you can’t take the world down on your shoulders and you can’t live another person’s life.
    i wish it could be different for both of you. At least you’re there and he knows you care.

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