Too Young to Know

When you’re too young to know, But old enough to feel, The anger is too much, And emptiness, too real. When daddy’s angry voice Is ringing off the ceiling, ‘s No wonder that so many Of our boys give up Feeling

Random Thought #27

My brother and I made games Where characters moved from island to island Over different kind of bridges: Suspension, wood, rope, and stone, And we drew and colored the playing board, And different things we taped on playing cards, Like a stone bridge looking very much like this, And I come upon it here, and … Continue reading "Random Thought #27"

Reroutes (3)

He worked a farm in summer To save and pay for college, Just sun and soil and sweat He traded in for knowledge, And though things didn’t go Exactly as he’d planned, He told his son that one day He would understand. The jobs were hard and varied, His effort though, unflagging, His son could … Continue reading "Reroutes (3)"


“You either own your mistakes, or your mistakes own you.” You are almost five years old. We are walking through a shopping mall, one we come to every Wednesday night. “We can pretend while we are here, if you’d like.” “Pretend what?” “We can pretend that this is a spaceship. These ceilings above us just … Continue reading "Ceilings"

Painting Dots

The house we’re in now’s not the one In which the kids got bigger; The little mem’ries I have lost – The count’s too great to figure For life’s a craft of painting dots These flecks of hopes and prayers That only form a picture when There’s no one left Who cares

I Am An Addict’s Father

There is no feeling so lonely As being the only one left Who believes But I have to believe That you can come back That there still is a “you” To come back Actions become indolence Words become lies Lies become the story And as to the rest God only knows what will come I … Continue reading "I Am An Addict’s Father"

Real, Love

(While at the hospital two years ago for the birth of our new grandson, I spoke to a father whose daughter was undergoing chemotherapy. These were his words.) So I cannot cease, Nor can rest, Knowing you’re in pain – I would do and I Would undo So many things now My child: if I … Continue reading "Real, Love"