you were for me

you were for me a suddenness unwarranted you were for me a treasure, and a curse you were for me a changing day unheralded who left me better and then left me worse


What is exaggerated to one person, may mean the world to another

A Far And Favored World

Come to a far and favored world, Where guide-less friends can meet To walk among the singing stars And smell the apples sweet That hang from rich and luscious boughs Along both hill and fen — Yes, come to a far and favored world, Where we can start again. Come to a red and dusky … Continue reading "A Far And Favored World"


there was a tension always there and both of them could feel it; they did the motions, every day, but neither could conceal it — for now the thing is at their door, the truth that needs admitting — and what’s so finely balanced as two hearts that feel like quitting

The Holidays They Never Took

The holidays they never took surround her in the night; The many reasons that she found to not do what was right – The beach they never walked on, with its still unopened shells, That she must see alone, For he’s now there with Someone else

i only once

i only once beside you once inside you once then grieved you once and in a thrice the tears of twice, in days of ice believed you once for every once i should have once but lost you once for i'm a dunce © Andriy Bezuglov | – Girl in red hood

{- walkways -}

a family lost in walkways and mazes of intent a couple who began with time that ended up misspent on labyrinths of blaming, mid flames to resurrect, and all that comes of love, when two have lost track of respect