Wild Rose

Be glad if you are

There the days

That it shows itself

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6 Thoughts to “Wild Rose

      1. I’m been good. Just been going through a lot lately. Attempting to start a new project. Wish me luck. How have you been ?

      2. First of all, good luck on your new project.

        I’ve been okay. We have daughter and grandson living with us since my son-in-law walked out on them. So, other than wanting to knee said son-in-law hard in the groin, I’m doing reasonably well.

      3. Thank you 🙂 I’m hoping to do something that will make me more independent. Its a definitely a challenge. That’s a lot on your plate. You’re being generous to help out your daughter. She needs that support in her life right now. After what he did I think he qualities as a son in law anymore.

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