more than us

the men that women scream for on stages, fields, or courts know what it is to be alive more than us other sorts but that's ok. our lives are nothing but a random dance, and that i'm here with you means that i've beat the game of chance

the Burning

AS ALWAYS, there's the burning, It never seems to stop; A picture in a magazine Inside a barbershop And he is there again. It is A feeling he knows well: For when the burning comes, there is No place to go But hell

The Problem with Logic

If there is "always someone out there better than you," why would anyone settle for you?

Dreaming Room

"I'm sorry. I need space," she said. And he knew what that really meant: That everyone has fantasies, But hers had gone. Not discontent, But more: she needed dreaming room: A place to grow into and find, The great 'ahead' she knows is there, And better than whats put Behind

This Isn’t Me

Allow me please to tell you who I am: A youth, a boy, a long-forgotten past, A bright young lover, brilliant in the eyes Of her; the she who sees beyond the mask Of quick indifference to all the world Demands of one with so much latent hope; I am a feeling and a moment … Continue reading "This Isn’t Me"

A Better Way

He tried to teach me better, But I was young and proud; He wondered if I'd listen To him, or to the crowd -- And I did both, but first the crowd: Then found, with sorrow strong, That those who love you care enough To point out when You're wrong

The Lost Trail

The trails of memory go dark: Nobody knows, or could, who lives -- For death takes things beyond this earth, And we can only walk in our own ways. And yet, we come upon the signs: A pathway overgrown and lost, And stories, thoughts, and pains unknown Through other eyes, in other, vanished days.


In all the years that she was lost, and wandering in unknown lands, she kept a treasure in her heart: that gentleness is double strength and love is better than regret.Through swamps of strangers, miles odd, unrecognized, and muddy ways, she trudged towards something, yet unknown, a place secure, the sun's warm rays, where she, … Continue reading "she"