… a lonely soul

He was, I know, a lonely soul;
We’d see him on this beach
At sunrise — fumbling, unsure —
And whistling to the gulls,
Just whistling to the gulls

A gray man of uncertain years
Who lived we-knew-not where;
At sunrise, mumbling and vague,
His eyes towards the ground,
His eyes towards the ground

In years of latency, and hard
The rains would come,
The rains would go,
He struggled vainly,
Reaching for
Or searching for
Or longing for —

He was my brother, as are all
Just stumbling on the beach:
The gulls cry out, no one replies,
The sun peeks over lonely skies,
Just missing her lost friend,
She’s missing her lost friend

It Seems Kinda Wrong

Girls like boys, and
Women hate men.
Run it all back, then
Do it again.
For old hatreds
It’s time to die,
So we can make way
For new ones.

Days are long, and
Nights are hell.
Nobody cares, and it’s
Just as well —
For love is in very
Short supply
In our ready-made

But down at the church
Of old D.C.,
There’s a special pew saved
For you and me,
If we just sign up
And our minds conform,
And we stay locked in
Our political dorm —

You’re collateral damage, or
You’re in the fight —
It seems kinda wrong;
I’m assured it’s right.
For the doctrine taught
Is a straight command,
And it brooks no
Contradictions —

Girls like boys, but
Women hate men.
Run it all back, now,
Do it again.
There just isn’t time
To understand,
In this time of competing


Bonds of Unity

Our empathy is very low,
Our hubris very high;
And each is kept right where it is
By its own special lie —

We do not empathize because
We’re told that we cannot:
If you’re not in a group, as such,
You’ll get told that a lot

So people balkanize, and then
Tend to their own condition,
And empathy remains unused,
Ruled out by definition

Then over here, we have the other –
Hubris, it is called:
Because with our technology
We’re smitten and enthralled

We humans have been in this place
For just a little bit;
But yet we talk about “the planet”
As if we ran it

A new imperialism reigns
But stays with our borders:
As “smarter” people hound our lives
With their quixotic orders

Yes, it’s the Age of Hubris, and
The Disunited Age;
We must discard these “truths”
If we’re to turn another page

For we can empathize with those
Whose lives are not our own;
And human arrogance is vain,
We occupy no throne

Of lofty exaltation, we
Are not the stars above;
But should form bonds of unity
And empathy
And love

A Life She’s Never Had

She reads about a life she’s never had;
Of men, romantic, focused, fully there –
And yearns with an intensity quite sad,
For all she’s wanted, but could never share

The man she married: forceful and intense.
It’s had its moments, some bad and some good;
But she knows now, he’s never really cared
To understand her needs or wants – nor could.

They never watch a movie that she’d like,
They are with his friends, if with friends at all;
He comes home with desire, late at night,
She is a sort of wifely booty call

But in these books, that he thinks silliness,
She finds the searching look, the soft caress;
The women there are loved by men, and more:
They’re not just someone he comes home
To score

Who Kissed Me?

Who was that?

Who was that who kissed me?
I was strewn across this chair,
When suddenly I felt the press
Of soft lips on my hair

I turned around to look –
But there was no one to be seen;
My lover’s far away,
And there are miles in between

The place where she is working, and
Where I sit now, alone:
And yet, somebody kissed me,
Sure as rock is made of stone.

And all that I can figure is
That someone out there missed me:
And so somehow sent love my way –
But I don’t know
Who kissed me