Sketches – 73

Thank you for the flowers! They’re lovely.

I grew them myself
In… ummm…
Our back yard

We live in a condo

Yes, that made it
Far more challenging.
Any way, with the artist-in-residence
Thing falling through, I thought
I’d remind you I love you

Yes, well.
As an actuary, you could
Have at least warned me of
Impending pandemics

I could only have told you
The odds

I see.
How do you feel about
Ordering from
Iron Mandarin tonight?

That can’t be
The place’s actual name.
Did I miss
Stan Lee being Chinese?

It’s new, and that is what it’s called.
But it doesn’t have a Marvel theme
Or anything.
So you can’t order
Moo Goo Gai Stark, or anything

Too bad.
Sure I’m up for it

And I was going to watch
“Crash Landing On You”.
I’ve heard it’s good.
You interested?

What is that?

It’s a Netflix thing.

Oh, hell yeah.
I’m always up for one of those.
It’s like overdosing on plot.

Well, I don’t know.
I figure we watch the first part and see
How we like it.

While eating
Chinese food out of…
Pepper pots.
Sorry! Sorry…

You should be

they met they loved

they met they loved they had three kids
at thirty-eight she up and died
the family was lost that day
despite how hard the father tried

but one year on a nearby beach
the oldest heard her mother’s voice
say “i have not deserted you.
you still have life. you still have choice.”

and gradually they swam their way
towards new places and new things;
they never left her, either, as
the sunlight to the water clings

they met they loved they were a show
no one thing a whole life defines
she had as big a part as any
just with

fewer lines