Tangible Ghosts

He’s asking today for the tangible ghosts, The fungible fog, the tradable mist — He’s wading today through the rippling bog, Aflame with the thoughts of the lips he once kissed — But all of his fancies go drifting away, Like the clouds in his beer when the whiskey pours through: He’s longing today for … Continue reading "Tangible Ghosts"


it was a day, a memory, a hoped-for thing that wasn’t sought, i’d never known your secret want, but knew i really shouldn’t ought the sky was gray and cold outside, the moments hung, depending — but inside, all was warm and wrong when you and i were blending


She opened up a single empty box That held her happy memories within, And saw the mere projection of her hope That had become more real than earthly him – She sat out on the highway of remorse, And stared out at the blue and distant sea; Accepting, underneath the glaring sun, The hope she’d … Continue reading "Accepting"

regrets, like the ocean

her regrets, like the ocean in their immensity and constant turmoil surrounded both of us – far too real to be ignored because i loved her, i left her ocean undisturbed; because i love her, i offer only my acceptance we who live live with imperfect knowledge; we cannot know outcomes there we sat, surrounded … Continue reading "regrets, like the ocean"

The Hallowing of Hollowing

The hallowing of hollowing, A process I know well: I filled myself with nothingness, And grew too proud to tell – I thought my sorrows justified The moments that I stole; But then, the truth intruded on What was left of my soul — I know the emptiness I’ve lived, I feel the keening lack … Continue reading "The Hallowing of Hollowing"

The Holidays They Never Took

The holidays they never took surround her in the night; The many reasons that she found to not do what was right – The beach they never walked on, with its still unopened shells, That she must see alone, For he’s now there with Someone else

sunset wave

wave never ridden, a dream that comes back, calling – why didn’t you come?   heard, the sound of summer lost, felt, the sting of years let go