Tell Me Again

Tell me again of all the days to come,
Of how you’ll be my partner through it all.
My eyes aren’t working right, my hands are numb;
The story’s at an end, here, in this hall,
And I am left with dreams I’ve held so long
That letting go of them, though right, seems wrong.

Tell me again you’ll never, never change;
Tell me the lies I must have longed to hear.
There are announcements, but the voice seems strange,
As down the passageway you disappear,
And I am left to grief and to despair —
Another feeling you and I won’t share.

Instead, I guess, I’ll tell myself again:
I made what-never-was what-should-have-been

Spotty Memories

Pizza and Beer

We finished a rehearsal
One warm and muggy night;
A bunch of us decided
To meet up for a bite

So we had beer and pizza –
Which was a nice repast –
And I was chatting with a red-haired
Woman from the cast —

I asked her out to my place:
Just a fancy, nothing forced –
And then we’re getting married.
And then getting divorced.

The whole things started simply;
In six years, we were through —
It’s possible in telling this
I missed a point or two

For now although it’s foggy
Two things do stand out clear:
What ended up in sadness
Did start with too much beer.

Relationships and choices –
The whim of moments gone —
Just memories that fade away
Like hangovers
At dawn

Picture-Perfect Love

Come see the picture-perfect love
That’s now grown into tears:
The marriage of a lifetime, that
Did not make it five years

She mourns alone in heartache, while
He parties with his guys;
The pictures sit upon the shelf
And tell their timeless lies

And grief – it comes in many forms
Like pictures of a bride
And groom, that look so perfect
One can’t see
What’s there

Ex Factor

Years ago, I married someone
Who was not in love with me;
But, she thought, here was a chance to
Live her life more ‘normally’.

She was gay, but didn’t tell me.
But, she didn’t mean it cruel:
She had feelings (sort of) for me,
And, of course, I was a fool –

Then, one day, she finally told me.
Not long after, left for good –
Children, had or raised together,
Coped as best they found they could.

Oh, this world needs no more hatred,
Lost my anger long ago —
Lost the feeling I deserved it;
Found a life, but even so –

In a life that’s made of moments
Some of them we give away
To those we find do not love us,
If we’re lucky, they don’t stay.

But they’re moments, lost forever,
That we can go back and browse:
Empty as a winter sunset,
Hollow as our
Wedding vows