Picture-Perfect Love

Come see the picture-perfect love
That’s now grown into tears:
The marriage of a lifetime, that
Did not make it five years

She mourns alone in heartache, while
He parties with his guys;
The pictures sit upon the shelf
And tell their timeless lies

And grief – it comes in many forms
Like pictures of a bride
And groom, that look so perfect
One can’t see
What’s there

Ex Factor

My ex.

Years ago, I married someone
Who was not in love with me;
But, she thought, here was a chance to
Live her life more ‘normally’.

She was gay, but didn’t tell me.
But, she didn’t mean it cruel:
She had feelings (sort of) for me,
And, of course, I was a fool –

Then, one day, she finally told me.
Not long after, left for good –
Children, had or raised together,
Coped as best they found they could.

Oh, this world needs no more hatred,
Lost my anger long ago —
Lost the feeling I deserved it;
Found a life, but even so –

In a life that’s made of moments
Some of them we give away
To those we find do not love us,
If we’re lucky, they don’t stay.

But they’re moments, lost forever,
That we can go back and browse:
Empty as a winter sunset,
Hollow as our
Wedding vows

The Wedding’s Barely Over

Or so it seems.

The wedding’s barely over, now
The marriage is as well;
A few short days of clover, then
A few long months of hell

But all of us who were not there
Had best withhold remark –
The brightest days out on the beach
Can soon fade into

Scene From A Divorce

In an old wooden building…

Scenes From A Divorce

In a historic deep-south town
Just past the Travel Agency
In an old wooden building
Lovingly restored
He sat

Waiting to meet a lawyer

The 10 AM sun’s rays
Were dancing shimmers off the river
Across the brick road
Through the gauzy white drapes
As the room
Freckled in sunlight

And the white-beige of the fresh paint
And green cushions
Spoke of southern comfort —
But not the drinking kind —

He thought deeply and slowly
Of how it came to this

It was never supposed
To come to this

And his attorney
A thirty-something
Businesslike female
Emerged from her office

To get her first glimpse of
Her new client

As a single tear

Made its way


Down the right side

Of his face

heart of ice

he always had it.

how is it that she missed his heart of ice,
or that he was a soulless man at heart?
the way he’s treated her is far from nice,
and now she sees what he’s been from the start

for love, to her, was always walking fear;
abandonment, rejection, or much worse:
the time is coming soon for her last tear,
when into a new life she must immerse

it isn’t her, or heaven knows, “all men”:
he’s just a jerk, like he has always been