When you think you know the future, Many strange things will you do; When we’re right, we don’t think “lucky” — That’s the human point of view. Public lives are filled with hubris, Most are not accountable, For the world is asymmetric: This seems insurmountable. What was genius now is folly, What was right’s been … Continue reading "Prognostication"

The Man Who Shows Up

The man who shows up Brings his manifest imperfections For all to see. He cannot pose As having all the answers, For presence makes him Accountable. The man who shows up Cannot be idolized, or lionized, Because reality has a smell. You can’t really photoshop An odor — Even in your mind. The man who … Continue reading "The Man Who Shows Up"

Beneath This Bridge

Beneath this bridge There lives a troll. The telltale signs: A trail of Goat bones and Twitter posts


the fields of dispossessing have passed to other hands, that is, i think, tradition in these lands and all lands, actually the summer rains are sweltering and we've been helter-skeltering and sheltering and harboring our fears, but those we packed up with the little bit of pride that we had left. there is no steinbeck … Continue reading "dispossessing"

Just Another Tool

We glorify diversity Then split up in to pools Where everyone thinks just like us And all the rest are fools The Internet, another in The long line of devices Which, in the hands of humans, Serve to magnify Our vices


Social realities Common dualities Made from societal modern modalities Hoping for Socrates Stuck with banalities Tortured by habit and anger and lyme disease     Cherries we pick and then stack into piles     Hidden by marketing image and smiles Alibis heightening Chains are all tightening People who jump at the first sign of … Continue reading "Cherries"

the power of the many

well-lit monuments can be full of crowds but still empty. cities, like ancient temples: conspicuous opulence in service of our objects of worship. the sight of something no one person could do, set to reinforce the significance and power of the many, encouraging us to stay in our pack, with the other wolves, or ants, … Continue reading "the power of the many"

The Ivy

The ivy comes, and chokes to death A forest in its glory — Shall we pass by and barely see, And yawn, “the same old story”? We hardly feel the difference As boundaries are ceded — The slow and the inexorable: They’re almost undefeated And then, it’s happening to us, We find ourselves surrounded — … Continue reading "The Ivy"