Sects (and Violence)

The Guelfs come raining down, The Ghibellines run free, The Hatfields and McCoys are here, As they will ever be. Behold, the truth is splintered Into something less than fractions, As daily news is overrun By ever-warring Factions


The present seems implausible, Yet it appears to be — It’s hard to reconcile with Mere probability I know that we can’t know our fates, The things life has in store — But we can’t even figure out The present Anymore

On The Fourth of July

On the fourth of July, He stops and has a beer For his country — To remember those who built it, To recall the ideals on which It was based, And to reminisce about What it was like when It still housed something Vaguely like Humility

Come share the common…

Come share the common fix,   though you be broke; Come share the common sleep,   we’ll call you woke — Fictitious stars are calling   you to join: To share the common, first send   common coin Come share the common thought,   and common need; There’s food enough for everyone   to feed … Continue reading "Come share the common…"

the daily press

who doesn’t feel the daily press the loss of which is ever here down county forty-three we rode where is the promised world of bliss where what we did or didn’t dare and saw the blighted land go hushed i don’t remember i confess is brought from far to very near each dark and emptied … Continue reading "the daily press"

Outside Bad Faith

It’s an idyllic summer in the hills. The wind is soft, there’s jasmine in the air, But inside, there’s a bottle full of pills That wage a daily fight against despair — As propaganda rolls in from all sides: The forced confessions, staged apologies, And experts, with their flammable asides, Who profit from our latest … Continue reading "Outside Bad Faith"

The Hopes of Many

The hopes of many dwell in shade And shadows, by forgotten ways; The hopes of many bills unpaid For clemency and judgment stays The hopes of many, beautiful, In towns and cities, dutiful, Where love, and death, and tears aren’t rare, And great folk neither see, nor care     Photo / picture credit : ID … Continue reading "The Hopes of Many"

Aversion Rug

We play there with our pretty blocks A world of beauty — all pretend — Yet know what lurks beneath the floor Is right there where It’s always been

Human Workers

See the world of human workers: Used and blandly cast aside, With the trappings, and the comfort Meretricious words provide See the world of dust and shadows, See humanity writ small: Love’s a game for fools and beggars Words we do not mean At all