The Man Who Shows Up

The man who shows up
Brings his manifest imperfections
For all to see.
He cannot pose
As having all the answers,
For presence makes him

The man who shows up
Cannot be idolized, or lionized,
Because reality has a smell.
You can’t really photoshop
An odor —
Even in your mind.

The man who shows up
Might be a carnival barker one day
And a dark cloud the next:
It turns out
He has moods, too.

The man who shows up
Grinds away,
Often trying to do right today,
What he didn’t do so well

But the man who disappears —
He gets the biggest love,
For he can be idolized,
Has all the answers,
Can be a seeming ‘rock’
With a perfect hint of cologne,
Because he’s never there long enough
For the cracks to show.

So we probably shouldn’t wonder
Why the men who show up

Have all disappeared

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