the unmapping process

the world is mapped; now every inch is known.
turn where we will, there’s no discovery:
the hidden lays revealed for all to see,
with satellites big-brothering us all.

the morning comes, alone here, on the beach,
the waves don’t know the century or year;
the sand feels as it did beneath bare feet,
and where the boat is left it calmly waits.

this place is known but not yet known to me –
no, named-and-sorted’s not the same as known –
we must unmap to know, to feel a place:
and not mistake the symbol for the thing

      have pity on the poor, the weak, the sick:
      show kindness where you can, and be the truth,
      the truth that is the marvel we can be
      unmapping the humane that’s trapped

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2 Thoughts to “the unmapping process

  1. “and where the boat is left it calmly waits.” this half of a thought made my heart still. I’m in love with this creation, as I, with much bias, hope the rest of our world consciously will be some day. ♥ Thank you.

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