Like tendrils, these dirt roads flair out Into the secret countryside; The nation’s tall, but also wide, And more than any one of us, no doubt

Trees Are…

Blows my mind, in fact, to figure How we humans think we’re ruling But it’s just ourselves we’re fooling — Trees are older, better, bigger

Too Bright

Bring what you may to who you can Use colors others think too bright When you’ve no engine, be a kite And float away without a plan


He might have been a hologram, For he was never really there, And though he did profess to care He never really gave a damn

The Magic In You

You dream, for waking life has lost its flavor; The magic in you seems to have run dry — But there’s still much to do, and be, and try — For life made you; now do it the same favor.

truly lose

my feelings make no sense, i must confess: the autumn comes, the fading of the flowers — but can we truly lose what wasn’t ours? and yet i feel it deeply, nonetheless

She’s Haunted

She’s haunted, with ubiquity: A presence bright, who blinds and burns: She sees her, everywhere she turns — The woman that she used to be

Empty Bench

No stitch can mend, no balm can salve, Nor hope bring back, nor love, nor fear, What should have been, who would be here — The only father that he’ll ever have

We Pass, We Miss

I sometimes think it very weird We pass in silence everyday And miss, as we go on our way Such marvels as we’ve engineered