We No Longer

On paths that we no longer choose, Are beauties we no longer see, But think about, in moments free: Just grist for mills that we No longer use


We stand here, as in days of yore, Upon this hill new eyes did see, Then place here, from their misery, These warning signs that we ignore

Autumn Stands

The fall is here: the moment caught — As autumn stands, in glory clad;, And good stands side-by-side with bad — The world is still, the heart is not.

A Pause

With hours spent in thought, a pause, A break, to launch a brand new start – With lunch a sort of work of art We make because — well, just because

Antique Blue

A dresser painted antique blue A work of love her father made And though the paint may chip or fade A daughter’s love is always true


And so, I’m here to testify That hope can sprout when all seems lost Regardless how are stars get crossed Or how shallow our love supply For everything gone out the door Is set for its uncertain fate; But past when we might think it late We can find all we want – and more … Continue reading "Testify"


The gathering of precious scent A home built up from laboring Transformative and neighboring On all that makes us reinvent


And so he traveled through the land...