Old Poem, Age 27

I know you think of someone else, I see it in your eyes; I know you dream of other worlds And living otherwise – I know you look at me and see No future, nada, none — Yes I know how brief love can be When only felt By one

True Story

I once loved a woman much smarter than me, And also a better musician; She had a quick wit, and a good turn of phrase, Plus one healthy share of ambition. I know while she’s richer than Midas these days, Her talents remain, unabated: Yet she has a spot in her heart still for me, … Continue reading "True Story"

A Dating Memory

I wanted to seduce her with my wit; She started laughing at my clumsiness. I thought, “I’ll let my style do the bit” – Then knocked over the wine, and made a mess She came towards me with a yellow towel, And I no more my laughter could abate: Then her eyes shone when I … Continue reading "A Dating Memory"

that day, perfect

that day, perfect, scent of roses, autumn gentle, leaves a carpet, she in pink, and i enraptured, in the park, a light breeze blowing, words all heard, and newness piercing, bits of smile, growing laughter, hands first touching, soft and glowing, dogs out watching, trees all knowing what’s to come and what’s to be, moments … Continue reading "that day, perfect"

not you, too

i wish you loved me not you, too what is so bad with saying “love”? it isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it. love’s not ownership. it is a song, a thunderstorm, a breeze. it’s not a thing at all. but still i wish you loved me yes, you do

The Storm Was All Around Us

We watched the clouds roll in that day Cross-legged in the sand; We heard the distant thunder Sitting huddled, hand-in-hand – Until the rain was on us, Then we kissed and up we rose; Ran in the rain to my place Where we shed our sodden clothes – Before, we’d been “long-distance”, So then this … Continue reading "The Storm Was All Around Us"