The Laughter of the Damaged

She tells me that She loves spin class, Corona, All the Marleys (Bob, Ziggy, Jacob) As we walk down by The riverside Towards twilight. She is young, But not so carefree As she’d have me believe: The setting sun dances Off her red hair, And she laughs often In the manner of someone Who used … Continue reading "The Laughter of the Damaged"

Roni’s Engagement

She called to tell me that she was engaged – Me, dating some love spasm at the time – Who I brought with me to meet them for drinks Which I think were Coronas – yes – with lime And she still looked a perfect movie star And so did he, if truth, in fact, … Continue reading "Roni’s Engagement"


When Roni had me pick her up, I almost lost my mind: A lonely dude at twenty-three The restless dating kind We got dressed up to go to see The local symphony; Italian dinner, wine, and then A drive down by the sea She touched my face with both her hands And I’m sure it … Continue reading "Roni"

couple, sitting

i'm not all boys, so i am not the one who must have hurt you...

To Break The Chill of Loneliness

To break the chill of loneliness She wrapped herself extrinsically In social scenes of mild duress And dates of rankest gaucherie – ‘To seek always’ – courageous stuff — To settle is an abjectness: What warmth she found was not enough To break the chill Of loneliness

a sucker for romance…

she’s dressed up for a date and wearing, pretty much, her heart; a nervousness like none she’s ever felt then he arrives and sees her, he’s got flowers in his hands, she smiles, and her heart and mine both melt

Dating is a funny thing…

Dating is a funny thing, But wonderful when it goes right: Together through Parisian streets, Into oncoming night — It takes connection. True, it does, Which is as sweet as it is rare, Then it won’t matter where you are, Just really being There