arbored thoughts

to be more, see more; to see beyond, reach beyond — as even the trees know, growing is always about all the directions

{ the land }

i live in fear, and this is truthful word: i have seen things unspoken of, unheard -- for will, imposed on will, has been revealed; the land is bruised, its soul reclines, unhealed i live in doubt, and i am full of pain: i have believed through energy, and drain -- for hearts, inside of … Continue reading "{ the land }"

An Open Heart

She spreads her arms to hug the world; It glances, then it passes by. Her open heart has many wounds From slights and cruelty's goodbye And meanness to a loving soul. But she won't choose a different fate: For love is all she really knows And she will not cave in To hate

An Infinite Treasure Hunt

Life Is about exploring: To stop looking Is to stop living. Answers are like An infinite treasure hunt, And we are meant To keep finding

A Father’s Love

Born reaching, Always just beyond; A shore too long, A sky too tall — A warm day, and An aftershave, And hours Just before the fall And here am I, And there am I: The sea-salt wind That blurs my eye — What does it mean The distant ones, Come down in love To help … Continue reading "A Father’s Love"

Of Day

Through all the moments I have lived, You've lived in me, through me as well; I wouldn't be -- well, anywhere, Without you in me, soul and cell, I came from out of who you were, And are, now that you've gone away, And though the night will come, I know, You gave me all … Continue reading "Of Day"

Meretricious Verses (2)

I wanted to believe you. I thought you walked the walk -- But sometimes, writing is in ink, And other times, in chalk -- And all you were was dust and air, A surface that was merely gloss -- A shore I thought would welcome me But on a bridge, there was no way To … Continue reading "Meretricious Verses (2)"

an old romance

the love the same the passions pure with lovers true but yet unsure it’s hard from here to know them there: but if they weren’t, we’d all be air

How Me

I lived here awhile. Everything was a mess then. Now is better, but.. I take all this in, and I Still think how me all this is