Lightning On The Lake

There’s lightning on the lake tonight The world is dark and wet This house is full of memory That I’d as soon forget With loud crashes of violence The sky attacks the earth But can’t drive out the eidolons To which my mind gives birth This house protects me from the storm The wind howls … Continue reading "Lightning On The Lake"

Growing Up

Standing all alone Shoreside boy Has choices to make   (“Growing Up” – 8-7-2014)

Nature Has

Come now, sit beside me here, Let the rain fall on our heads. Watch the blinding storm come in, Hear the thunder break the air – We, who once belonged to fear, Clinging tightly to our beds; Trapped in tapestries of sin. Welcome to the real nightmare! – Nature has, in holt and heath, Wreathed … Continue reading "Nature Has"

Hallways : Iceberg

No matter where we go, we find These passageways from here to there; The holes, the corridors, the ways We travel through to find the fair Or foul that life might offer us. We sail to where the chances are We’ll go where we’ve not gone before: And risk, at times, our seeking lives To … Continue reading "Hallways : Iceberg"

Rainbow Falls

(Originally posted July 2, 2014. – Owen) Standing here as the text came in Informing me that you had died And there beside a perfect scene I turned my head and cried Tears for the man you could have been Tears for a life that went astray And somewhere, now, a rainbow falls And a … Continue reading "Rainbow Falls"

Maple Fire

No beauty so glorious that it can't be subject of morose reflection.