By The Waters of Loneliness

It’s cold out here but worse inside.
And I have got no answers –
I hurt for you, my love, my pride,
But I have got no answers.

Still —

I wish I was a healer who
Could mend relationships, and do
A magic spell to patch our past
And you and I would soon outlast
The couples passing by, who’d see
Our open suitability
For long-time love, and long-held dreams –
That wouldn’t end in heartbreak.

But here its cold, the sun’s gone down,
And I have got no answers –
No questioner nearby is found,
And still I’ve got no answers.

Yet —

I wish I could bring back the days
And nights when you and I would say
That everything we’d ever need
Or want, our covenant and creed
We’d find in one another; where
The starlight meets the cool fresh air
Our love would last, and never die,
And wouldn’t end in heartache.

But cold and lonely flows the sea
The spray kicks up and covers me
And I have got no answers

(“By The Waters of Loneliness” – 12-4-2013)

16 thoughts on “By The Waters of Loneliness

  1. Like a lot. Again, an intriguing break in rhyme that works. This may sound very strange, but sometimes it almost feels like I’ve written some of your stanzas. We have a similar style and usage of words. The unpredictable choices of words you make are ones I would make.

    1. My blog was a prose blog for years and no one read it, including me. This piece was the one that convinced me to switch to poetry, because I felt like I had found something with it.

      I had written poems over the years, just throwaways here and there, and I’ve found and reprinted several. This poem means a lot to me, though.

      I have seen some similarities in our writing, so what you are saying doesn’t seem that strange to me.

      1. I like to let the rhyme lead me into unfamiliar areas…It is so much fun. Less calculated. Like a game. I agree with you. I love this poem.

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  3. Love this. Sometimes I have to change my rhythm when reading to suit the poem, but this I felt like I had read it a thousand times. Very nice. Well done.

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