Love & Laughter

I love my love especially When she is free to be silly; Her joy, a precious gift to me – The seal of our Intimacy

Filling Station

Once A woman and her husband Stopped at this place She, eight months with child He, thinking about walking out And the drive had been a tense one Old wounds reopened Fresh hurts on display And an old couple was there At the same time Laughing while they pumped gas They asked her when the … Continue reading "Filling Station"

A Hope

The first time that I saw her there I had to kind of catch my breath — To fall so hard seemed so unfair: Another day, another death — But then I saw her looking back: The days came wild, I lost track — A look that turned into a life, And hope that turned … Continue reading "A Hope"

A Special Privilege

This place is warm and feels like home, Each thing reminds me of her; I have a special privilege – It is my job to love her The last few days, I’ve had a cold, She had one just last week; The autumn season juggernaut’s Left little time to speak But I go in the … Continue reading "A Special Privilege"

By The Window

I see her by the window, there, In elegance, an autumn shawl, A cup of coffee in her hand, It takes my breath. For after all The years I’ve known her, still I see The girl I fell for (present tense) Who’s made my heaviness more light, And makes each day An elegance

An Anniversary

In real life, my wife is a minister; She’s often with the sick, dying, or grieving. She is tonight, even though It is our wedding anniversary. The woman I fell in love with Had so much love in her that It spilled over onto other people: Both the joyous and celebrating and Those hurting or … Continue reading "An Anniversary"

Fugitive Moment

He looks at her picture And wonders what it would be like To know a night of wild abandon with her Even though She is asleep in the next room Wearing the ring he gave her

A Perfect Night

[A song, written for my wife before our wedding, circa 1999. – Owen] Stars up in the heavens Shining clear and bright Lights across the water No one else in sight Just to say, “I love you,” And to hold you tight — It’s loving you that makes A perfect night It might be in … Continue reading "A Perfect Night"