Cherries By The Lake

The heat was so oppressive, we Could barely make it up the hill That overlooked the distant lake. A shack with cherries there for sale, A tiny windmill in the yard, And both of us, exhausted — The woman said, “Come in. Cool off.” The air felt like a swimming pool And you and I … Continue reading "Cherries By The Lake"

A Life She’s Never Had

She reads about a life she’s never had; Of men, romantic, focused, fully there – And yearns with an intensity quite sad, For all she’s wanted, but could never share The man she married: forceful and intense. It’s had its moments, some bad and some good; But she knows now, he’s never really cared To … Continue reading "A Life She’s Never Had"

No Sunset

So, what is real? It’s not these memories: The halt, spasmodic assays of my past Are pictures now, hung up in galleries, Some early chapters, neither best nor last. For love is not a happening. It is A work of many choices, many deeds; It is the touch that bears us through our grief, The … Continue reading "No Sunset"