The sun is setting, I must wait For somebody to rescue me; My memories, both slight and great Won’t do, in any small degree The service of empowering me. The courage that I sorely need Is distant as the Summer sea; And I’m unsure how to proceed — But yet: entombed and vacillant It is, … Continue reading "Inhumation"

Aunt Diane

Whenever family heartbreak came The problems big or small; We all would call my Aunt Diane Who could sort out them all She didn’t know of hatred and Advice she gave but spare; But all of us would go to her And she was always there I reached an age, however Where I would stand … Continue reading "Aunt Diane"


Why nothing is exactly everything.

Dry Dark Falling

Across the wasted landscape bare There is a dry dark falling: The last cloud burnt up with the sun And no more birds are calling With joy, or even sadness, for Some mate or friends who’ve died: The world is fading everywhere And so am I Inside = = = = = (..)