Door 13

I always thought If I’d the key I’d open Door 13 Behind which Lies the secret Of the man I might have been It’s up there Lying somewhere In the corner of my mind The door To some reality That I could never find The thrill of heart I wanted Out beyond this dull routine … Continue reading "Door 13"

I Have Seen My Fortune

No matter where I seek to see, My fortune’s full of fire; Led on by my concupiscence And wandering desire I’ll hurt the ones I love the best With what might seem like games: For I have seen my fortune clear And it is naught But flames This is a prompted post.

What Bliss It Is

What bliss it is to Concentrate on One thing at a time only This is a prompted post.

She Is …

She is the road that turns, unbidden. She is the sky that portends ill; She’s on the path that more would seek If they but had the will — Moody’s the word that’s often bandied After she leaves, or to her face: Yet feelings flow and turn like dreams, when They’re not locked in place. … Continue reading "She Is …"

Sir Reality

The strangest thing that ever happened to me happens every day.

Farm Back

For centuries, you family lived here...


He seeks to balm his past...